Episode 33. Gemini Season: Don’t Throw Shade on the ‘Grade


Gemini season is here, sweet Friends. Here’s a little mantra for us this season: “If you see something, say something.” We’ve got Mercury in Gemini through June 22 and during that time, Mercury is retrograde from May 29 – June 21. As I mentioned in my blog post “Mercury in Gemini: Get Your Mind Right,” this is an invitation to celebrate communication in all of its forms, and truly slow our role and benefit from the reflective energies of this retrograde season. It’s also an important time to speak up about injustices in all their forms. In the spirit of “If you see something, say something,” by all means, share the wealth about the good, juicy stuff and shout out great resources you admire. I am so pleased to give shout outs to peeps who have helped me grow and learn the intricacies inherent in deciphering astrology:

Jessica Lanyadoo of Ghost of a Podcast. Her recent interview with Tony Howard of Astrology University is outstanding and shines light on Mars out of bounds. 

Renee Sills of Embodied Astrology. Her subscriber offerings are off the chain and by far, the best deal in town. 

My beloved and wise astrology teacher Monte Farber of the Enchanted World. You can sign up for his online classes on Soultopia

Fellow Long Islander Colin Bedell of Queer Cosmos

We also explore The Lovers card in the Tarot in this episode and how we can lean on this card to help us make more life affirming choices. If you’d like to dig deeper into the Lovers card and how it associates with the sign of Gemini, listen to Episode 5. Gemini Season: The Lovers, The Dreamers and You and Me.

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